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Desi Aunty Milking Story
07-07-2014, 11:42 PM
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I was staying the night with Anjali and Abhay; they were conveniently located near one of our major suppliers and I took the opportunity to visit them about twice a year when I had a meeting. Anjali was my wife’s cousin, a pretty, rather conventional woman my own age. She had nice legs and a neat, large bust, dark brown hair and a wide smile, but I had only occasionally thought of her as a sex object (at least, no more than any other woman). But the last time I had stayed with them Anjali had been 7 months pregnant, huge and taut, and her bust had developed even more.

I find pregnant women very sexy and always want to make love to them. Anjali let me feel the baby kicking inside her swollen belly through her thin dress, and I had to stop my hand straying downwards . . . I held my ear against her hot drum and perhaps she wondered why I liked it so much. She looked utterly feminine and very sexy. I thought of the different positions she would have had to explore when making love. This visit was two months after the birth and Anjali’s figure was back to normal, apart from her breasts which were gloriously full.

Her daughter seemed to be thriving on her mother’s milk, but Anjali looked tired and the healthy bloom of pregnancy had disappeared. I got up just as Abhay went off to work – my meeting wasn’t until lunch time so I could afford to be leisurely. Anjali was sitting at the breakfast table with Diksha, her baby, on her knee. She wore a long white night-gown with bra cups, and her hair was loose. We chatted easily; I had always got on well with her. Diksha was fractious and her mother said ‘She’s hungry – you don’t mind if I feed her do you?’ I know some people object to seeing a woman breastfeed – I can’t imagine why.

‘What are you saying…absolutely not’ I said. She undid the front of her gown and released one breast from its cup. Diksha grabbed it easily and fell silent. I tried to talk but Anjali was focused somewhere else. I noticed she was pressing hard on her unoccupied breast with her wrist. I looked at her face and was surprised by her expression of utter bliss. Do you enjoy breastfeeding, Anjali?’ I asked softly. I do,’ she smiled at me radiantly. ‘I feel a bit guilty really, sometimes I think I enjoy it more than Diksha does.’

She looked down at her free breast. ‘Oh, I’m leaking again. I’ve just got too much milk. As soon as she sucks on one side the other one starts too. I need three hands.’ She was trying to stuff a pad down the inside of the cup.’Can I help?”Oh, would you? Do you mind? hold this pad pls . . .’She released the cup and I pressed the pad against her engorged nipple. I was surprised to find her breast hard, the nipple even harder. She looked quickly at me, embarrassed.’Abhay won’t help. He doesn’t like it at all ‘well..I think it’s really beautiful.’

She was quiet, Diksha sucking, me pressing her breast trying not to do anything sensuous. Suddenly I noticed that Anjali was weeping silently.What happened, Anjali?’She shook her head. ‘This is what has remained in my life now. You can’t imagine what it’s like . . ”What do you mean?”Abhay and I . . . haven’t made love since I got pregnant. He didn’t seem to find me attractive any more whereas . . . well, some women . . . When they are pregnant, you know they feel .. . .well, more sexy somehow. At least once I’d got over the morning sickness in the first couple of months. Did you know that?’ She was obviously having trouble telling me.

Yes, I did know. And I thought you looked lovely last time I saw you. You looked so feminine . . . and very sexy too.”I was really going up the wall by the time Diksha arrived. Afterwards, when I’d healed up – it didn’t take long – I thought that everything would be fine as time moves, but it didn’t. . . I’m tired, but I just feel so . . .”Horny?’ I whispered.’Oh Akash, I don’t know what to do.’I knew . ..’It’s time to change sides,’ she said. ‘Get ready with a new pad, will you?’

We managed the swap very easily. Her other nipple, despite its sucking, was equally hard. I stared at her tautly swollen breasts, my mind in a whirl.’ I’ve got so much milk, there’s far too much for her, a lot of it has to be pumped out.”Do you find breastfeeding arousing?’ I asked.’It sounds awful, but yes, I do, very. It’s heavenly. I think I’d . . . well, climax, you know . . . if I let myself. But I’d feel so guilty.’ She laughed shortly.’You poor thing,’ I said. ‘You must be so frustrated.”I shouldn’t have told you all this.’

‘Why not . . . and I should tell you that I find you very sexy and attractive. I always have. I’ve not dared to say it before.’She looked up at me, her face wet with tears.’You’re very kind.’Diksha seemed to have gone to sleep, the nipple still in her mouth.’I’ll put her down now. Can you press on the other side too? I’m still dripping like a tap!’We waddled over to the pram, me holding on to her breasts from behind. It was an undignified position and I tried not to laugh. Diksha settled to sleep easily and Anjali straightened up. I held her to me, careful not to let her feel my erection against her back. She didn’t seem inclined to ask me to move away.

I could feel the heat of her body through the night-gown.’I’m going to have to express some,’ she said. ‘Let’s go over to the sink.’We waddled across and she hung over the sink, letting her breasts drip freely, then she began to squeeze them, increasing the flow, and making little sighing noises. Obviously she was enjoying it. I realized that she was masturbating, in a way. I eased the shoulders of her night-gown down and undid the front buttons. The smell of her body rose into my nostrils. Thin spurts of milk came from her nipples with every squeeze.

‘Let me do it.’ I whispered, grasping the two huge mounds. She let me without a murmur, supporting herself over the sink. The night-gown was down around her waist, kept up only by my body pressing against her back. I milked her gently but firmly and she moaned with delight.’Do you want to cum, Anjali?’ I said softly.’I want . . . I want . . ‘ She shook her head.’What? Tell me . . ”I want. . . I can’t say it . . .”Do you want to be fucked by someone who’s desperate for you? Is that what you want?’

She shuddered, then nodded her head silently. I stepped back and the night-gown fell to the floor, revealing her shapely ass and long legs. Hurriedly I stripped, and touched her on the shoulder. She turned round, her still-dripping breasts swinging towards me. They were enormous, the nipples red and projecting, the aureoles brown, saucer-sized, puckered.

She gasped when she saw my huge erection pointing at her like a loaded cannon, and sank to her knees. I grasped her hands and lay back on the kitchen floor, pulling her down on top of me. She got astride my hips and I helped her trembling hands to position the head of my cock between her lips. She was amazingly wet and hot – she must have been juicing for ages. She sank down onto me, engulfing me in her ample tunnel. The milk from her breasts ran down her stomach and into her pubic hair.

As I slid easily into her thickly juiced cunt, she gave a enormous groan of relief.’Oh God, you don’t know how good that feels!’ She began to rise and fall on me, letting me piston in and out with loud sucking noises. I grasped her solid breasts and squeezed them, making the milk flow between my fingers and down my arms. We thrust together, her moans increasing in intensity. Before long her tempo increased and she leant forward urgently, her breasts dangling like melons over my face. I felt the warm drops. I grabbed her ass and pumped up and down in her liquid hole,
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07-07-2014, 11:43 PM
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Knowing that she was going to cum and that I was too. Her rhythm reached a peak and she cried out breathlessly and I felt my aching cock gripped by her powerful internal muscles. Simultaneously fine jets of milk squirted in all directions from her nipples, drenching my face and hair. It was so arousing that I climaxed abruptly, jetting cum deep into her while she bathed me in her own juices. She slumped on top of me, breathing hard. I looked into her eyes. Her face had changed – she no longer looked tired, the stress lines in the corners of her eyes had gone. She glowed with sexual happiness.

She reached out and grabbed a towel, then carefully wiped my face. ‘You are wet,’ she smiled. ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” It’s as if you’ve cum in my face,’ I said. She smiled sadly.’ It’s a long time since anyone’s cum in my face,’ she said. Suddenly she buried her face in my shoulder. ‘Oh, what have we done? I’m sure Abhay will realize. I won’t be able to behave normally after this. We shouldn’t have done all this. . ”What else could we do? Didn’t you like it?’

She hugged me, squashing her wonderful breasts between us. ‘This happened for the first time in last one year. You can’t imagine how it felt. I couldn’t have stood it much longer.’ Although my erection had gone temporarily, she still held me in her. My cock was warm and snug in her wet cave. I shifted my buttocks.’ Are you comfortable down there?” Well, the floor is a bit hard, I must admit. Should we go to the bedroom?’Oh, I don’t know . . .’

Don’t you want it again?” Of course I want it again. I want it over and over again, non-stop for weeks!’ She was laughing now.’ Well, I’ll do my best.’ She got off me, reluctantly I thought, releasing a little flood of juices onto my stomach. I noticed wet patches on the carpet tiles.’Wanna clean up? I offered her the towel. She shook her head. ‘I haven’t had cum running down my legs for years.’ she said matter-of-factly. ‘ It makes me feel 10 years younger!’

She insisted on taking the cot with us. I followed her ass up the stairs, hearing the slick of her wet thighs as they rubbed against each other. In the bedroom, she laid a towel on the bed and lay back on it, her ass on the edge of the bed. ‘I’m all yours,’ she said, opening her thighs. Her cunt glistened with juices. I knelt between her thighs and buried my face in the hot petals. She tasted of all the exotic spices of womanhood. I drank her essence eagerly, then moved to her clit, and she moaned deep in her throat. She came easily, without stress, clamping her wet thighs around my head.

I was fully erect again by now and quickly stood up and plunged into her hole before she had stopped coming. A few strokes and she came again, more urgently. I held her legs wide and rammed into her with a powerful rhythm. I guessed that she had missed most of all the feel of a big cock pistoning relentlessly inside her, and I seemed to be right, for she just rode with me, gasping every time I plumbed her depths. My cock felt huge and potent – our first fuck had taken the edge of my urgent lust and I felt as if I could keep going all day. I leaned forward, grinding my pubic bone against hers and kneaded her breasts, renewing the spurts of milk that ran down her sides and onto the towel. She began to gasp urgently and I felt my cock squeezed hard by her cunt muscles. It took a lot of control not to come. When she had ridden out her climax I withdrew and knelt to lick her again, drawing another thigh-clamping orgasm from her. My own imminent climax had receded so I turned her over so that her glorious ass jutted proudly towards me, and sank my cock gratefully into her cunt once again. I pumped her with long, deep strokes, watching with glee the build-up of juice at the base of my cock, and the smiling pink pucker of her rear entrance.

I was really going deep in her now, the head of my cock striking the front of her cunt and bouncing off to ram into her womb, and she was loving every inch of it. In fact the continuous friction against her tightly-gripping cunt had somewhat desensitized my cock, which was good as I wanted to give her as long a fuck as I could, to make up for all her months of abstinence. I kept up the steady rhythm, pounding harder and harder, almost wanting her to tell me it was too much for her. But she was obviously a woman built for intensive fucking, and eventually I had to stop and let my arousal subside.

I tongued her clit again and she climaxed swiftly, her cries of ecstasy muffled by the mattress. I turned her over again and spread her legs wide. She looked up at me happily.’Not getting sore?’ I said.’Should I be?”Just wondered. You’re not used to it.”I’ve got a lot of catching up to do,’ she said, jerking her hips up at me. ‘Come on, fuck me some more!’

I did, as hard and as deep as I could. She took it all and loved it, gasping and shouting in time with my thrusts. I lost all track of time, stopping only when I knew I was on the verge of cuming and then tonguing her until she came. Every so often I would turn her over and take her from the rear, glorying in the sight of her juice-smeared ass and tightly-stretched anus. I still felt that I could keep going all day and I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather spend a day doing.

My balls by this time had almost disappeared inside me, I was so full of unspent cum that I felt I was about to burst. Anjali had begun to cum quite frequently while I was fucking her, rather than only when I tongued her clit, and the fierce clenching of her cunt made it harder and harder to control myself. Inevitably one particularly violent squeeze took me over the edge, and I knew I was past the point at which I could stop the bursting flood of sperm from blasting its way out.

‘I’m going to cum!’ I gasped, and to my shock Anjali quickly sat up, my cock loudly withdrawing from her, and twisted round so that she was lying with her face at the level of my hips. She clutched my huge reddened glistening shaft with both hands and opened her mouth wide. It was all done so fast that I was still rushing headlong down the final slope to climax. At the first touch of her hands I erupted and a long stream of whitish liquid jetted into her face, hitting her cheek and nose with an audible splash. That was just the first and by no means the most powerful – again and again

I fountainhead helplessly into her mouth and face, my legs sagging from the power of my long-delayed climax. She laughed with delight and her tongue lashed around her lips, trying to gather up as much of my gift as she could before my spurts subsided. It seemed a lifetime before I was empty, and still her hands coaxed further spasms from my cock, until I was crying out with the almost painful jerks that radiated through my body.

My thin cream covered her, it was matting her hair, dripping from her eyelids (she had kept her eyes open throughout, even when my flood hit her full on the forehead), running down her cheeks and nose, pooling in her wide-open mouth and trickling off her chin. I sank to my knees, exhausted, and looked in wonderment at her white-streaked face. I had always thought that ‘facials’ were something that men liked to see and women just had to put up with. Anjali, it seemed, loved them. And I had thought she was a demure little housewife.
‘When do you have your meeting?’ she said, the cum in her mouth slurring her words a little. Oh my God, I had completely lost track of time. I had half an hour to shower, dress, drive ten kilometers and try and get my brain into gear. I made it, just, but all through the meeting I was seeing Anjali’s cum-spattered face smiling at me and feeling the dull ache in my cock and in my crotch, almost as if someone had kicked me. That was six weeks ago. I’m staying with them again next week, just for the night. Abhay told me over phone that he might not be home…he has to go for a meeting. We’ll see what happens.
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