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Holi main phat gayi
13-07-2014, 03:39 AM
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Holi main phat gayi

Hi, I'm Chadni. It was day of Holi and only a few days ago I had
stepped into my sweet sixteen year. I'm tall (5-6) slender but not
every where . My long dark black hair used to touch my hips and
my tiny teen Mammes were growing. Down below on the road holy
revelry was in full swing boys, some of them my school mates
and neighbours too, were in colorful mood .

They not only tried to throw color at us with there pichkaris but
some even threw colors filled in condoms. They were singing
lewd songs taking my name and of my bhabhi Sudha, who was
about 24 years old. Only we were at home as my parents had
gone out and my brother working in merchant navy was nearly
always away. Those lewd songs using pun on our names
(sudha chuda, and chadni chodani) made me hot .Most of my
friends had already enjoyed sex mostly with there "cousins"
some with there servants and a few even with there brothers .
And everyday they will come and tease me with there graphic
details. My jija( brother in law) was going to come to play holi
with us today and I knew that one thing may lead to another .

Suddenly my dream broke. Somebody has held my tiny waist
firmly. Abhi tak chikani bachi ho, it was my bhabhi .She had
come with color smeared hands to paint me. In my defense I
tried to cover my face but bhabhi with one hand opened button of
my top and her other hand went inside gripping my Mamme. She
started rubbing her color-smeared hand on my Mammes. She
started feeling them from base and slowly moved upwards and
squeezed my Mammes hard. I was trying to pull her hand away
but it was in vain.Kisi chale ne nahin dabaya to aaj bhabhi se hi
kam chala lo.She joke d. she had now started pulling my nipples
slowly and whispered in my ear You know you brother does
exactly like this . I had started enjoying it my tits had become
hard and after getting signal bhabhi increased pressure and
pinched my nipple . ohhh Please chod dijiye, I begged. Kya chod
dun Nanad rani( sister in law) pahle uska nam bato . I said
my….my Mammes ..uh. She refused and increased pressure
Hindi main bolo . I told mera sina mera joban bhabhi . She still
refused and told me the first letter is chu and second is chi now
tell me . By this time she was squeezing both my Mammes very
hard. ok Chunchi I whispered ..a bit louder and ask me . there
was no chance and I had to say bhabhi please meri chunchi
chod dijiye, but it was not the end . Bye the time I realize her
hands had lifted my skirts and my panty was down and out. Her
hands had reached my lower lips and started smearing them
with red color. ohhhh ohh I was screaming wriggling pushing
hard to put her hand away but her fingers had gripped my both
labia and started caressing it. I could not stop pleasant
sensation. a finger went inside and her thumb was massaging
my clit. I never felt like this before. Although I had touched myself
before but my portals of joy never faced such assaults. Please
Bhabhi leave me remove your hand .My leg was turning into jelly
and my thighs were spreading itself ohhh I kept moaning .
pressure on my clit went up and her second finger also triedto
wriggle it's way in my virgin Choot.ohhh Nooo . ohh yess
bhabhi retorted ..such a beautiful piece is lying waste it's meant
not to be hidden but it should taste joy of life . ok You tell me its
name and I will leave . I said Choot leaving my shame, ohhh no
tell me in hindi I said yoni ohh no first letter is chu and last
is ..t

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13-07-2014, 03:40 AM
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I screamed hann bhabi meri chut main se apni finger nikal lijiye.
But she increased the tempo and asked me what goes inside it
I was so aroused. I said Lund bhabhi . good girl and now she
had taken my clit between two fingers and pressing it hard .and
What Lund does inside chut. .I blurted chudai . I was pushing my
hips loosing all control . bhabhi took me to a cot and reclined
myself as my both legs were hanging and left me. She removed
her hand, spread my thighs and sat between the . I was feeling
weak and had no power to resist. She took my chut between her
lips and started sucking me hard . ohh I was crying moaning and
she bit my clit . I arched my hips raised my Choot and exploded in
her mouth..It took me some time to become normal. Bhabhi was
smiling looking at me and said, nanad rani bura na mano holi

Bell rang, and when I opened door it was my jija ji . He was
looking so handsome and strong . He was wearing a kurta
pajama . I remained transfixed. Abhi tak tumahere gore gore gal
chikne hain, he questioned. Bhbhi answered from my side aap
se ragadwane kae liye, but How is your pichkari it still has some
color left for us or You had used everything in Your sister's
…..Bhabhi asked staring at his trouser where some stirring
could still be seen. She brought thandai for all of us laced with
good amount of bhang. Jija ji held me in his powerful arms and
started rubbing gual on my cheeks, but in no time his hands
entered inside my top and grabbed my joban.Aaj kitne din bad
sali se holi khelne ka mauka mila hai . he asked bhabhi You
know sali ko kaise rangte hain .." gall ko chumm ke chunchiyon
ko ragad ke and chut ko chod ke. Now bhang has gone to his
head and we were also not left untouched. Bhabhi pulled me to
her side removing my top and told jijaji " choti choti chunchiyan
hain bur bina bal ki chodo raja kaske sali hai kamal ki . I was
bend with my head secure between bhabhi's thighs and jija
pulled my skirt too. And down his pajama went . I could feel His
hardness pressing against my tight virgin Choot lips. He spread
my thighs centred his Big Lund at doors of my portals of joy
.Bhabhi challenged him "wah Lund nahin wah nuni hai jisko
chuton se pyar nahin" chodo kaskar and in one stroke his Lund
head went in. I tried to scream but bhabhi pressed her wet Choot
at my lips and silenced me." Abhi to sirph supara gaya hai pura
musal baki hai nand rani".Jija ji gripped my waist hard. I was
trying to wriggle but he with full force pushed again and this time
almost whole of his Lund went inside my Choot. on the other side
bhabhi had grabbed my one Mamme and stared caressing it and
rubbing her Choot lips at my lips.After some time pain subsided
than Jijaji took out slowly his Lund and than very slowly glided it
in . I was enjoying it and now I could feel that my Choot has
devoured his big Lund. With one hand he was massaging my
Mamme and with other he started stroking my clit.He vibrated it
pulled and pressed . My Choot was on fire . I started gripping my
Choot on his Lund thrusting my hips towards him and realizing
that I am enjoying he slowly removed his Lund and in one big
thrust pushed it deep I responded in the same tempo moaning
crying in joy . we started fucking in fast rhythm . Bhabhi too was
rubbing her Choot I started pushing my tongue deep caressing
her clit and than jija almost withdrew his Lund . Bhabhi asked me
to tell him to fuck me I cried please make love with me jija told
me no not like this and I begged him to fuck me. Bhabhi said
ohh in hindi I was thrusting my hips toward him squeezing my
Choot . I could not control and screamed ohh please chodo mujhe
chodo jija apana mast Lund meri bur main meri Choot main
dalkar chodo and He shoved whole Lund in one go It went on
and on I was licking bhabhi's Choot and squeezing jija's Lund with
my Choot and raising my hpis on every stroke. First Bhbhi came
in my mouth and than I lost all my control and came in big way
which triggered jija too who filled my till now virgin Choot with his
cumm . it dripped down to my ass hole he slowly removed his
Lund He had to go somewhere so he kissed me and bhabhi and

But that was not the end Same evening two brothers of bhabhi
came and they not only fucked me but made a sandwich taking
my both holes together. but wah kaahani phir kabhi.

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13-07-2014, 03:41 AM
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Holi Main Phat Gayi (Part II).

After jija had left, bhabhi took me to bathroom. I was totally
covered with red color, especially my gore – gore gaal, Mammes
and my chut was painted red. I told bhabhi " apne lagaya hai
aphi chudiye'. Bhbhi undressed me . I also pulled her saree and
removed her choli and saya . First she took a cake of soap and
massaged my Mammes very hard. I was not one to be left behind.
I also took another soap and not only rubbed her firm proud
36dd Mammes but also rubbed it between her gori gori Choot.
Bhabhi took the pipe of shower and focussed it's sharp force of
water on my clit .we bathed each other. Bhabhi put powder on my
chikani Choot and massaged both inside and outside with
imported cream .while caressing my Choot she said'ab to eiske
liye kisi regular Lund ka entezam karna padega. Jija ji to roj
ayenge nahin. do You know any handsome boy . I told her that a
new neighbor has come who is a handsome young man. Every
day I look at him when he exercises and his body really looks
strong. His room is clearly visible from my room and when ever
I'm in my room he will sing romantic songs keep his window
open and tries his best to have a look at me and if I go in balcony
which is very close he will certainly come, whistle, try to attract
attention and even make lewd gestures, but I have not given him
any lift. Ohhh Nand rani aaj holi ke din bechare ko apne mast
joban ka ek darshen to de do. and she whispered in my ear . I

I wrapped a towel around my naked body and went out in
balcony. Sure my neighbour Raj, came and seeing me wrapped
in as short towel he was surprised. I raised my hands put my
color smeared bra and panty on line and smiled at him. He
could not believe, and gave me a flying kiss. I grabbed his kiss
and tried to push it between my Mammes but my towel fell down
and he had a clear view of not only my ubhrata joban, but other
assets too. I hastily wrapped it and I went inside but my milky
firm little tight bottom was visible I came back in a tight cotton
frock in which my erect nipples can be easily seen. I sat in the
balcony, he was still there. This time I smiled at him. His tent
pole in shorts was clearly showing arousal. He made a gesture
of fucking by pushing his index finger between a hole made by
other fingers. I showed my thumb towards him. He indicated by
his hand that he wants to come to me and sleep with me. I took
a mirror and showed it to him .His arousal was getting
worsened. He went and came back with something and threw it
at me. It was a love letter and wrapped in it was a huge
chocolate bar. I kissed love letter, opened buttons of my frock
and showing him my mast joban I kept it between my Mammes .I
than slowly unwrapped chocolate as if opening a zip and licked it
with my sensuous tongue. After licking it, I took some portion of it
in my mouth and started sucking it as if I'm sucking a huge mast
Lund. Condition of his Lund was worth seeing. He tried to press it
showing it to me and I again gave a flying kiss in the direction of
his Lund. In his letter he has written that when everybody will be
asleep he will come in my room to chat . I should keep the door
open( our rooms were so close that it was not difficult to
crossover).I stamped his letter with my deep lipstick coated lips
to leave a clear imprint and wrote " aag dono taraf hai barabar
lagi hui". I was thinking in which thing to wrap it and than I saw
my panty. I covered his letter in my panty and threw it at him with
apiece of chocolate which I removed from my mouth. He face
beamed when he read the reply. He kissed my panty and than
took the chocolate in his mouth. I came back in my room
removed the curtain which used to hide my room from his view
and hung a towel which read" welcome."

When I came back to room bhabhi was not able to stop his
laughter as every step was taught by her. She grabbed my
chunchi and told "ab man gayi ki meri nand pakki chinar
banegi"..She told me that You must ever give inviting signal with
your body like gave a smile drop your dupatta and if possible
give a darshan of joban, but while talking never say yes in first
instance. Similarly if somebody touches your Mammes or squeeze
it try to remove his hand but with not much force. But nand rani
sham ki tayari kar lo, wear the dress which Your jija has brought
for You.and let me prepare You today. She put mascara on my
eyelids put kajal, rouge on my already pink cheeks and dark red
lipstick. I opened the dress which jija had brought. Vow.. It was a
back less red colored very low cut choli which had push up bra
fitted in. When I wore it my small young Mammes were looking at
least 4 numbers up and when I bend my almost entire chunchi
could be seen and even while standing nipples could be seen.
Than I put lenhga which bhabhi asked me to wear very low much
below my deep navel. It was showing not only contours of my
bottom but crack of my ass was clearly visible. Bhabhi put a very
strong perfume too . She hugged me and while squeezing
told"agar mere pas Lund hota to tumhe bina chode nahin

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13-07-2014, 03:41 AM
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Bell rang and I rushed to open the door. Ohh it was Rajiv,
bhabhi's distant cousin, who was more" saiyan than bhaiya."
Along with him was his friend amit as he introduced me to him.
Bhabhi also came down and welcomed them. Chadni You know
it's Rajiv. Yes I told her. How I could have forgotten. Last time
whwn he had came bhabhi send me with milk to him and closed
the door joking that khub thhek se dudh pilana nand rani.And
when I came back she asked his brother diya ki nahin are man
roj tumahre bhai ko deti hun ek din tum mere bhai ko de do na
nanad rani .Rajiv asked me Oh chadni where are you lost . ohh
nothing and I came inside .I decided to play pranks and brought
thandai and gujhiya laced with bhang for them. I put glass in
front of them and started pouring. I knew that they were gazing at
my mast chunchi and could not say no. I filled their glass again
and again. I offered gujhiya with my hands and again they could
not refuse. After some time it has gone to their head and they
started laughing on everything. I took some gulal went behind
Rajiv and like sindur put it in his and his friends mang. They
were caught unawares and it boldened me. I took some more
color and smeared there faces and even inside the shirt rubbing
on there chests.Rajiv and amit said "apne hRaji mang bhar
ke shadi to kar li ab suhag rat bhi to mana lijiye. Both grabbed
me and put gulal inside my choli and on my face. But Amit told
that this beautiful choli should not be spoiled with gulal and any
they want to play holi with me and not my dress. Before I could
resist they pulled open string of my choli and removed it
came out meri dono chunchiyan came out like a pair of milky
doves. They carried me to bed and pulled my lehnga too.

Rajiv started kissing my cheeks and amit too joined.Both were
caressing kissing sucking biting mera goara gora gal. I was
totally helpless. Rajiv grabbed my Mammes ohh kya mast chunchi
hai kitne dino se darshan ke liye tadap raha tha. Amit squeezed
my other Mamme and told him "aare aaj holi ka din aur behan ki
nand kas kar pakdo ragdo chumo chuso khul kar degi. And they
started sucking my nipples biting my Mammes together. There
hands were caressing my Choot . They opened labia started
rubbing it and while amit grabbed my clit Rajiv thrust two fingers
inside and started rotating it. Now I was also enjoying. I was
thrusting my hips raising it high And when I was on the verge of
climax they stopped . They were bringing me close to orgasm
and stopping but suddenly Rajiv pinched my clit and amit
pressed my g point and I exploded .But it was not the end . Lips
which were constantly sucking my nipples assaulted my Choot.
Rajiv was sucking my labia pushing his thick long tongue deep
inside and amit was licking sucking biting my clit.And this time
again they were playing the same game, bringing me close to
orgasm and stopping. I was crying with joy ohh Rajiv please
chus lo meri Choot chus lo meri clit.and this time they let me
come but while I was in throes of orgasm Rajiv thrust his steel
rod like hard long thick Lund inside my Choot .I raised my hips
and in first stroke took half of his huge Lund. I opened my eyes
and found that amit is standing next to me and his erect Lund is
rubbing against my red wet sensuous lips.I slowly opened my
lips and grabbed his Lund head . I started licking underside of
his massive Lund with my tongue. He shoved his Lund deep
down my throat and I started sucking it slowly and than with full
force. He was moaning chadni choos lo mera Lund kas kar
chuso rani . I was raising my hip too. Rajiv grabbed my chunchi
and with full force thrust his Lund and this time my Choot
devoured his entire Lund. Amit was fucking my mouth Hard.
Rajiv was also moaning..chadni aaj chuda lo kas kar le lo mera
Lund apni chikni Choot Choot was milking his Lund dry. I
grabbed balls of amit while sucking and fondled it . as soon I
squeezed it he came in my mouth . He came and came and
flooded my mouth but I drank every drop .Now it was turn of
Rajiv. Meri chudai full tempo main thi .I also came and than
Rajiv erupted in my Choot.

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13-07-2014, 03:41 AM
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We again had another round of thandai but this time I was made
to drink it by Rajiv and amit.I grabbed Lund of amit and asked
Kyon Lund ji chusane main maja aya.amit said Han bilkul lekin
Lund ji ko apki chikni Choot ka bhi maja chahiye.I said ok You lie
down and this time main tumahri chudai karungi. Amit lied down
on bed. I took his Lund in my mouth and than between my
chunchi and rubbed it Hard . In no time it was Hard . I straddled
and my Choot glided down on it slowly . I started rubbing his Lund
inside my Choot and than when he was full frenzy I brought his
Lund almost outside and stopped chudai. He started begging
asking and than I again in one gulp took whole Lund .Amit winked
at Rajiv . I could not understood but amit gripped my tiny
waistwith his powerful legs. Bye the time I could understand
Rajiv was pressing ky jelly in my asshole . He grabbed my
waist and forced his Lund in my Gaand, I was wriggling trying to
move away but all in vain .after pain subsided and my Gaand
become used to supara of Rajiv's Lund he pushed again and in
5 thrusts it was all in.Than amit and Rajiv started fucking me in
unison, rubbing my clit squeezing my Mammen. Ohh I too started
enjoying it and after long it was Rajiv who came in my Gaand I too
came and this led to amit exploding in my Choot.

And when I got up, bhabhi was smiling Kyon nand rani Gaand
bachi thi wah bhi paht gayi holi main.Par abhi pados ka chora to
baki hai.

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